About Migino

How it all started…

Abundance of beechnuts

One day his garden was full of beech nuts, Gino De Rycke could just brag them. Innovative and creative as he is, he looks for the possible applications. Surfing for more information, his curiosity was stimulated by reading 18th-century texts describing beech nut oil as “the olive oil of the north”.

Making your own oils…

The interest was so great that he went looking for suitable material to make beech nut oil himself. A few days later, Gino had put together his first nut press … the start of an innocent hobby!

The oils were frequently used in their own kitchen, the cook of the house also became an oil tester. Her findings formed the guiding principle in the search for the optimum taste. Friends and family kept saying how ‘delicious’ the oils are.

Is this oil really so tasty?

“How do I know if my oil is really that good?” This was the question my father started asking himself in the fall of 2010 when he heard that Wouter Keersmaekers, chef of restaurant ‘De Schone van Boskoop’, Peter was from National Taste Week. The moment to contact Wouter … who was prepared to taste hazelnut oil. If anyone knew if the oil was successful, it was him.

Sublime! This was the first reaction from the top chef, and the start of a fascinating story.

Our vision

Respect is an important value in all its activities. It is with respect for nature, people and the environment that Migino wants to produce quality products based on nuts and seeds.

Migino produces pure products based on carefully selected raw materials, rich in taste and aromas.

We are also in favor of short chains between producer (s) and consumers. On the one hand we try to obtain all our raw materials through direct contacts. This also has a positive impact on quality! On the other hand, we also try to bring our products to the user in the shortest possible way.

Unique production process

Migino prepares flavorful nut and seed oils rich in aromas, based on carefully selected raw materials and a unique production process.

Optimal storage of the taste and odor elements of the raw material is central to the various steps to process nuts and seeds into 100% natural oil, flour and other high-quality products.

Careful choice of raw materials is paramount to arrive at a good end product. Not all varieties of a certain nut or seed are suitable for producing a culinary high-quality product.

The first step of the production process is the selection of suitable nuts and seeds. All impurities must also be removed to avoid any negative impact on taste.

After the selection, the nuts or seeds are roasted. In this phase the taste of the end products is largely recorded! Determining the optimum duration and temperature of the roasting is different for each raw material.

Preparing the nuts for the press is a crucial step in the production process. The impurities of the nuts and seeds are removed once again, and they are cut to the ideal size.

The pressing time is kept as short as possible during the cold pressing, after which the product is allowed to rest in order to arrive at a pure 100% natural oil.